Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Calgary in the Western Final, Toronto is on the blocks -almost-

Congrats to the Calgary Flames hockey team who won their series 4-2 last night in Calgary over the Red Wings. Last few minutes of Period 4 (1st period of overtime) Calgary goes on, Detroit goes golfing.

Toronto Maple Leafs are on the ropes as I blog this entry. Going into the 3rd period Game 6 Leafs 0 v Flyers 2. Can the Leafs win to fight another day? Or be finished tonight? Stay tuned hockey fans.


Leafs managed to score 2 goals in the third period, and got into Overtime, had some good chances in the Overtime period but they lost. Flyers win the series 4-2. Final Score Flyers 3 V Toronto 2. Go golf Toronto!

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