Thursday, July 29, 2004

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John Edwards brings us the surprising news that I'm sure will shock you - John Kerry served in Vietnam! No, really; I don't know how he kept it secret so long, but there it is - and here's what Edwards had to say about it:
If you have any question about what he’s made of, you need to spend three minutes with the men who served with him then and stand by him today.

Unfortunately, I've got my own things to do but Dean Esmay helps us out here. Remember that photo of Kerry with his swift-boat crewmen? Well, there's this interesting bit about that photo:

Of the {20} men in that photo, two of them support Kerry's candidacy: Skip Barker and Ralph Dobson, who also have been campaigning with Kerry and doing commercials for him. Two others are dead. Four have refused to make any public statement. The remaining men have all stated flatly that Kerry is unfit to serve as Commander In Chief.

Got that? Most of the guys in that photo are either dead or find Kerry despicable.

So, I guess it depends on which men you spend that three minutes with - but you have to be careful, because you've only got a one in ten chance that you'll meet up with a Kerry shipmate who thinks that Kerry should be President.

John Edwards goes on to talk about how Kerry is running a positive, optimistic campaign for President - thus proving there really is nothing a lawyer wont say in front of a jury. He does ask, as a tag line, if we're sick of the negative attacks - unfortunately, he's not asking if we're sick of the negative attacks by Democrats, but only if we're sick of some sort of mythical negative attacks against Kerry (I guess questions from Kerry about President Bush's National Guard service just slipped Edwards' mind).

In keeping with the Kerry/Edwards positive, optimistic campaign, John Edwards had this little gem:

And you know what I’m saying. You don’t need me to explain it to you, you know—you can’t save any money, can you? Takes every dime you make just to pay your bills, and you know what happens if something goes wrong—a child gets sick, somebody gets laid off, or there’s a financial problem, you go right off the cliff.

And what’s the first thing to go. Your dreams.

Got that? He's positively optimistic that if we run into a little personal financial trouble, then "off the cliff" is right where we go...guess I should have known this when during the late bathroom remodel, with all the funds committed to it, the car broke down and needed $500 worth of repairs...instead of dealing with it and working it out, I should have jumped off a cliff somewhere.

This gets into the real view the Democratic elite has of us - we're a bunch of weak-willed dolts who simply cannot get through life without our superiors in the Democratic Party holding our hand for us.

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