Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Four More Years

Four More Years

On Sunday, John Kerry asked "four more years of what?" when he was confronted with some enthusiastic pro-Bush demonstrators at one of his campaign stops, according to Fox News.

Its a valid question, of course, but one that Kerry probably doesn't want answered. While President Bush will give the best and most complete answer to this question, I'd like to take a stab at it. What we'll get with four more years of President Bush is:

1. Four more years of a President who clearly likes average Americans. This might not seem like much, but the more we look at the Democratic leadership, the more we perceive that they don't really like average Americans. We're an annoyance to them - we're the people who, with our votes, prevent the Democrats from obtaining power. The happiest day for the Democrats in the past 20 years was the day in 1992 when the anti-Democratic vote split, thus allowing the small minority who still cling to the worn-out and corrupt Democratic Party to put their man in the White House. President Bush likes us as a people - he likes to be around us, he speaks our language and he's completely comfortable in large crowds of us.

2. Four more years of a President who recognises that its the average American who makes things work. It isn't academic "experts" who move America; it isn't entertainment industry elitists; it isn't corrupt union bosses - its just normal, average, everyday Americans who keep the ship of state moving along. Given that President Bush understands this, we can look forward to four more years of a President who will return to us our resources and our power to take charge of our own destiny. He'll do this in the form of further tax cuts, more expansions of school choice and faith-based initiatives, and the little things like, say, allowing the people of the western States to have a say in what lands are placed into reserves and which lands are retained for the use by the people.

3. Four more years of a President who, when America is threatened, thinks not of his Party or his own political prospects, but takes to heed only what is right for America. President Bush could have taken the easy way out after 9/11...dropped a few bombs, made a few speeches and then left it at that; but that is not the sort of man President Bush is. We can rest assured that when bold and dangerous action is necessary to secure the United States and its allies, President Bush will order the necessary actions. We had 8 years of never-ending adolescence in our government - for the past three and a half years, we've had hard-nosed and strong willed adults at the helm, and its a comfort to know this.

4. Finally, and most importantly, what we get with four more years of President Bush is a continued sense that America is taking charge of its own destiny - that we are not in an era of limits, a time of American dimunation; a place where America becomes just another nation in the United Nations roster, no more important than any other. Just as back in the heady days of Ronald Reagan, the United States is once again that shining city on a hill; a beacon of strength and liberty for all well-disposed men and women to repair to. After 8 years of petty-minded navel-gazing, its great to have an America on the move, again.

President Bush is not the perfect man - just like any other human being, he is a flawed person who makes his mistakes; but what he has done for three and a half very intense years of American history is do the right things as he has perceived them. Better than the IQ of a Einstein or the panache of a Clinton, President Bush brings to the table a sterling character and a moral strength which has proved sufficient to lead us from crisis to the verge of victory. As for me, the only possible disappointment I'll have on November 2nd is the knowledge that we'll be losing this great President without fail by January 20th, 2009. He'll be hard to replace and if we're lucky, we'll get a man of half his calibre to eventually replace him.

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