Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day

Did you know…

Little known factoids about Canada!

-There are no snakes, skunks, deer, porcupines or groundhogs on the island of Newfoundland.

-PEI was originally named Epekwitk (meaning "resting on the waves") by the Micmacs, Canada's smallest province renamed itself after Queen Victoria's father, Edward in 1799.

-Millions of years ago Nova Scotia was actually part of Africa. When the earth's crust shifted, Nova Scotia got left behind.

-The ice cream cone was born in New Brunswick. Baker Walter Donelly invented it by accident when he couldn't do anything with a bad batch of dough. He took it next door to an ice cream parlour and the rest is history.

-In 1916, Manitoba was the first province to give females the right to vote provincially and stand for office.

-Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada - averaging up to 2,500 hours of sunshine a year.

-Alberta was named after Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise Caroline Alberta who happened to be married to a former Governor General of Canada (1878-1883).

-The Yukon was the first area in Canada to be settled by people.

-It's believed ancestors of the Amerindians inhabited the Yukon between 10,000 to 25,000 years ago.

-Prior to 1905, northern parts of current-day Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec were considered an extension of the Northwest Territories.

-The territory's capital of Iqualuit experiences 24 hours of daylight in June and only 6 hours of light in December.

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