Monday, July 19, 2004

Man stabbed over $17.50 worth of funeral flowers...

Man stabbed in alleged fight over funeral flowers
The Associated Press 

Within hours of a burial, a shot was fired in the air and a man was stabbed in the side with a pocketknife during what authorities described as a fight among relatives over funeral flowers.Dan Holt, 42, was taken to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital with a wound to his side that was not life-threatening, a sheriff's spokesman said Thursday.Holt's brother-in-law, William Ivey, 38, told Lauderdale County authorities that during the fight he was being hit on the head with a gun and took his pocketknife and stabbed Holt once.
No charges were immediately filed, but a grand jury will review the incident. It occurred at Holt's home about three hours after Thursday's funeral for Ivey's father, 64-year-old L.C. "Butch" Ivey.Authorities and family members said an argument erupted over who would keep a $17.80 plant brought home from the funeral.Sheriff's Chief Investigator Travis Clemmons told the TimesDaily in a story Friday that authorities still have questions for Holt, including why he fired a gun into the air."I have seen altercations during times like this, but I don't know if I have ever seen one this serious," Clemmons said.
Officials said the commotion, which included several dozen family members screaming at each other, continued as deputies and firefighters arrived."There was a lot going on. I don't know if there was fighting or people trying to keep each other away," Underwood-Petersville Fire Chief Mike Hipps told the TimesDaily.
Outside the house, emergency crews administered oxygen to a girl who was hyperventilating. At the hospital, officials requested assistance from police when family members continued arguing.Betty Sue Hinton, a relative of Holt, said family members were eating dinner when the fight erupted.
She said the disagreement apparently started when there were discussions about who could keep some funeral flowers inside the home."The next thing I knew, they were on the ground fighting," Hinton said.
Ivey and family members told deputies there had been tension between the families the past few days, with two relatives passing out because of the stress. But Ivey said he and Holt were getting along fine before Thursday's funeral and fight.

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