Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Plane Truth

What you won't read anywhere else but here and a couple of other places. Amazing how CNN doesn't appear to mention these facts or news items about Senator Kerry.


Plane truth: Little went right for the press

By Noelle Straub/ Campaign Diary

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sunday, 5 p.m. EDT: Sen. John F. Kerry [related, bio] surprises reporters on his main campaign plane by announcing they are diverting to Boston for the Red Sox game; a smaller jet for overflow media is supposed to go straight to Florida. But due to a miscommunication with the charter company, the second plane also heads to Boston. Reporters realize the mistake when a screen in the main cabin tracking the plane's progress shows it heading north. Kerry aides try to convince the pilot to head for Florida. But by the time he agrees to the change they need to refuel anyway. The media plane lands at Logan and takes off again shortly for Cape Canaveral.

      8 p.m. EDT: Despite telling reporters on the main plane he will catch the first ball at the Sox game, thrown by Massachusetts National Guardsman Will Pumyea, Kerry actually makes the first pitch to him. A Kerry aide later tells reporters the plan had originally been for both Kerry and the vet to have a turn on the mound, but that in the name of scheduling, they scratched the soldier's pitch.

     Monday, 4 a.m. EDT: Kerry leaves Boston after the game and his motorcade reaches the hotel in Cocoa Beach, Fla., at 4 a.m. Staff and reporters alike get about three hours sleep, producing a tired and cranky campaign contingent.

     10 a.m. EDT: A motorcycle officer, Sgt. Eric Daddow, accompanying the motorcade crashes on the way to the Kennedy Space Center. Kerry immediately turns the motorcade around and steps out to check on the officer, who is strapped to a backboard. Kerry later tries to call him at the hospital. The officer will be fine, but may have broken a shoulder.

     1 p.m. EDT: The day becomes a technological nightmare. There's no Internet connection at the event site, preventing the media from filing stories, and the Kerry campaign plane breaks down. Kerry takes the media overflow Gulfstream to Norfolk, Va., for his next stop. The traveling press waits in Florida for a replacement.      

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