Sunday, August 15, 2004

Billionaire Sen. John Kerry

Here are some facts on the vast difference in wealth between John Kerry and President George Bush from an independent think tank. It is absolutely stunning how wealthy Kerry is compared to Bush. Assuming he has a sound conscience, how can Kerry ask for money without feeling bad?

Look at these figures:

Kerry- $15,550,935 - $77,540,000
Bush - $347,852 - $1,076,000

Well obviously Bush is getting paid as President -- a pretty paltry income. But then again, Kerry is only a Senator. And he is making as much as 75 times as much as Bush!

Kerry - $198,794,683 - $839,038,000
Bush - $8,837,079 - $21,936,000

Kerry is absolutely loaded compared to Bush. He could almost be a billionarre. But lest you think Bush is REALLY rich, look at what his biggest asset is: 1583.226 ACRE RANCH IN MCLENNAN CO TEXAS valued at $1,000,001 - $5,000,000. Assuming his Ranch is worth 5 million dollars, Bush could be worth as low as $5 million in assets. Kerry, on the other hand, is at least worth $200 million dollars.

For all the Democratic pandering to "Two Americas" or Bush giving tax breaks to the top 1% of wage earners (himself and his buddies), Kerry is rich rich rich.

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