Saturday, August 14, 2004

Democrats Party of the little guy? Not hardly!


Democrats: Party of the "Little Guy"?

We know what Johns are usually full of, and our Two Johns are not much different.

Even at first glance, its a bit absurd that a billionaire and a multi-millionaire are playing up the "fighting for the little guy" theme; the only little guys these two know are the guys who mow their lawns and cook their meals. Truth be told, the Two Johns are the perfect Democratic ticket for the modern Democratic Party; wildly rich, never worked at a real job and absolutely convinced of their moral and intellectual excellence. Who else is like this? Hollywood types, thats who.

Daniel Henninger over at lays it out for us in this article.

Hyper-politicized Hollywood is the new bed Bill Clinton made for the Democrats, and now the party is going to have to lie in it. At the level that matters most to party pros--raising money--there would appear to be no downside to the relationship. The L.A. donor base consists of people whose psychological profile draws them into weird quasi-religions like Scientology and est. The Democrats are pitching themselves and the election as a holy crusade against barbarian Republicans led by Genghis Bush and Cheney the Hun. But in politics the promised land is always on the horizon, the infidels are never defeated, and ever-more contributions are needed on the road to salvation. What better place to market politics as the apocalypse than Hollywood? To date, Mr. Kerry has raised $47.5 million in California. Al Gore raised only $5 million.

Isn't it becoming harder by the day to take the Democrats seriously as the party of the common man and the left-out? Besides these people, the party's primary sources of support have become trial lawyers and Wall Street financiers. It is becoming a party run by a new class of elites who make fast money--$25 million for 30 days work on a movie, millions (even billions) winning lawsuits against doctors or asbestos users, millions to do arithmetic for a business merger. But they're all running against "Halliburton."

The days when in the same breath you said AFL-CIO, blue-collar and Democrats are gone.

I admit that I'm flabbergasted that Al Gore only got $5 mil from the Hollywood elite (I always figured it was much more than that), while John Kerry has walked off with money beyond the dreams of avarice (of course, its still chump change compared to what Teresa provides). Imagine, for a moment, if it was discovered that only one industry (say, oil) had donated $47 million to President Bush - our Donk's would be spinning conspiracy theories right, left and center while the media would be running a non-stop investigative report into how the President had been bought by Big Oil. Good people: John Kerry is bought and paid for by Hollywood - some amazingly rich people who do not work at all are financing the campaign of a man who claims to be battling for the working man.

Anyone see a disconnect here? Or is it just me?

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