Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Amazing Race contestants visit Canada for finale


The Amazing Race's final stretch will bring four couples to Canada as they compete in a worldwide competition for a $1-million (U.S.) prize.

In the two-hour finale of the reality television show, teams will race through Banff's Sunshine Village ski resort and visit the Olympic ski jump at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.

In other episodes, competitors have danced the tango in Buenos Aires, made bricks in Kolkata, India and wrestled with an ox-driven plow on the outskirts of Manila.

The show features 11 two-person teams who follow clues and assignments that send them speeding from one city to another across the globe. The last team to check in at the end of each episode is eliminated.

In the last two legs of the race, the final four teams will ``push themselves through exhaustion and pain on a gruelling 45-metre rope climb that becomes one of the most intense road blocks in the history of The Amazing Race," broadcaster CTV said in a release.

The Amazing Race, which airs in Canada on CTV on Tuesday at 9 p.m. (check local listings), won its second Emmy in a row on Sunday for best reality competition series.

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