Saturday, November 06, 2004

How just wrong this is!!!!!!

How wrong is this process? Totally wrong with no respect to the Veterans of Canada and also the people of Canada. What's also bad is Tim Hortons has horrible coffee and tasteless flat donuts now days.

What’s next from Canadian Mint?

The Royal Canadian Mint had a brilliant idea when it decided to use brand new technology to paint a red poppy in the centre of the Canadian quarter in honour of Remembrance Day. The idea is brilliant in its simplicity. Collecting coins is easy and inexpensive and the link between Canadian money and patriotic pride is a natural one. A 25 cent coin in general circulation just before Remembrance Day would serve as an appropriate tribute to our war veterans.

But the coin is not in general circulation. It is not available at financial institutions in Canada. The coin was made available exclusively to Tim Hortons (and Legions that wanted to participate).

This is preposterous. The Canadian Mint has taken a national symbol of pride and remembrance and reduced it to a gimmick to sell coffee and donuts. What do we have to look forward to next from our national mint—a Canadian flag coin available only at McDonalds when you order a Big Mac, large fries and a coke?

Don’t get us wrong, Tim Hortons makes great coffee, but to trivialize and cheapen the emotional impact of the poppy by tying it to the purchase of fast food is insulting, deflating, demoralizing and just plain wrong. Our national currency should never be allowed to be used to promote private enterprise.

Canadians, especially our veterans, deserve an apology from the Canadian Mint and a promise to never ‘play’ with our money in this way again.

E.R.A. -Huntsville Forester

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