Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jack Layton: "Politics Before People" Again After the Election
January 18, 2006

Last night, on CBC’s “Your Turn,” Matt Connor from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, asked NDP leader Jack Layton what it would take for the NDP to support a minority government.

Mr. Layton said:

“I know you want to know what I would do with one result or another, but I'm going to trust Canadians to make a decision in the election, and I'm going to go to work with our team of New Democrats on behalf of working people.”


Mr. Layton forced this election upon the Canadian people. He worked in concert with Stephen Harper to end the important work of the Liberal government, and now he is saying he doesn’t find Stephen Harper’s policies ‘scary.’

NDP voters will find the idea of overriding the Charter of Rights scary, they will probably find the idea of Canadians fighting in Iraq scary, and they will find the notion of a ballistic missile defence shield scary.

Progressive voters have heard from Jack Layton – power is more important than principles in today’s NDP

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