Thursday, January 19, 2006

Layton on Strategic Voting: I'm For It When It's Good for Me...
January 18, 2006

Last night on CBC’s “Your Turn,” NDP leader Jack Layton was asked by Paul Wild of Milton, Ontario, about strategic voting.


Jack Layton has travelled the country asking voters in ridings where the NDP has a remote chance to vote strategically. Now, when he’s asked the question directly, he evades it, saying there’s no difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

But NDP voters know the difference. In the 2004 election campaign, a total of 15 Conservative candidates in Ontario were elected as a result of vote splitting. In fourteen of these ridings, the third-place NDP candidate drew away enough votes from Liberal candidates to ensure Conservatives were elected.

More importantly, Mr. Layton was forced to admit he doesn’t really try to compete in all 308 ridings across the country, and that he’s asking for these votes only to build a sense of momentum for the NDP – not to make a difference for Canadians where they live.

Jack Layton is consistent in one thing: he ALWAYS puts politics before people.

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