Friday, March 31, 2006

Ten digit dialing comes to 8 million Canadians
Wednesday, 29 March 2006
Ten digit dialing CanadaEffective June 17th, over 8.5 million consumers in Quebec and Ontario will have to adopt 10-digit dialing – the area code followed by the phone number – at all times.

The new 10 digit dialing requirement will affect consumers in Quebec who live in a region served by area codes 450, 514 and 819 and consumers in Ontario in the 519 and 613 area codes.

The new dialing method will also apply to local calls from the 418 region (Eastern Quebec) to the 819 region (Northern, Central and Western Quebec) and to local calls from the 705 region (North-Eastern Ontario) to the 519 (SW Ontario), 613 (Eastern Ontario) and 819 regions.

Area Codes with new 10 Digit Dialing
Area Codes with new 10 Digit Dialing

The Telecommunications Alliance says that as of this June 17, people who do not dial the 10 digits will hear a recorded message prompting them to dial the area code followed by the seven-digit local number on all subsequent calls. Their call will then proceed, but this message could disrupt certain communications such as data transmission (faxes, Internet, etc.).

Special numbers such as 911 will not change in any way and will still involve dialing only three digits.

The alliance says local 10-digit dialing is necessary due to the high demand for new telephone numbers and to provide a uniform local dialing method between adjacent regions. Ten-digit dialing has already been introduced in other Canadian regions and will soon become the norm across North America.

To ensure that consumers don't have problems after June 17th, the alliance recommends adding the area code to all programmed numbers in your telecommunications equipment, including:

* Speed-dial lists
* Telephone options and functions (such as call forwarding, call blocking, call display, etc.)
* Fax machines
* Modems and Internet dial-up systems
* Equipment for the hearing impaired
* Cellular phones and other wireless devices
* Alarm and security systems

For more information about the changes you can visit a special website set up to answer questions about the changeover at