Sunday, January 28, 2007

Irate HD Customers tell Global to stop butchering High-def television signals
Published January 23rd, 2007 in Canadian Digital News, HDTV, OTA Television and Television Providers.

Digital Home readers continue to speak out today about the butchering of NFL High definition football broadcasts that aired on Global Television this past weekend.

As we told you in Signal Substitution ruins football game for HD fans football fans who tuned into Fox television on many Canadian cable and satellite outlets were instead forced to watch a Global high definition (HD) television broadcast that many readers say was deeply flawed and virtually unwatchable.

Digital Home viewed the broadcast and found the picture to be extremely pixelated, plagued with motion artifacts and a picture that at times appeared out of focus. Watching the broadcast using a Panasonic 1080p projector on a 100? screen, we found the image problems so bad that we had to avert our gaze from the screen on multiple occasions.

Many readers complained about the the loss of 5.1 audio, the resulting poor quality audio and how it appeared like there was a foggy haze over the entire broadcast.

In our Digital Forum discussion thread NFL Football Global Simsub Disgrace - January 21st, forum members continue to urge readers to call, email and write to the CRTC, Global television, their cable and satellite provider and Tory MP in order to stop the Global network from airing their beloved Superbowl in high definition.

Canadians wishing to complain about the poor quality sound and video on Global rebroadcasts are encouraged to let your thoughts be known to the following:

* File a complaint with the CRTC here
* Call your local Cable or Satellite provider and ask that they not simulcast the Global broadcasts unless they agree NOT to adulterate the originating broadcast.
* Email your Federal MP which oversees the CRTC and the Broadcasting act. (complete list with email addresses)

Finally, contact Global Television at the following consumer feedback email addresses and let them know your concerns:


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